The End of my Degree’s Era

This week I finished my Computer Science degree presenting my Bachelor’s Thesis. You can find all the information about this project on its page. I would like say that developing this project has been such a wonderful experience. It has been a very instructive development as it has taught me some characteristics about machine learning applied to video games.

Although I am currently working for two different companies, I have tried to make some time to enroll as a voluntary services on XVI Spanish Meeting on Computational Geometry. Thanks to that I have been able to attend some interesting presentations. In spite of the fact that I couldn’t attend “Envelope Magic towards Reversible Pairs of Figures” of Jin Akiyama which seems very interesting, Jin Akiyama gave me this gift:



I would like to thank Vera Sacristán who allowed me to be part of this event. It has been a wonderful farewell for my degree’s era.


Finishing my Bachelor Thesis

As mentioned in my previous post, I am working on a new project. This project will be presented as my Bachelor Thesis for my degree.

This project consists in developing a Pac-Man platform with many similar features to the original Pac-Man described in the following source. The main aim of this project is to develop an AI capable of adapting the video game’s difficulty based on the user level. Unlike the original Pac-Man, this game will attack the difficulty configuring the good choices of ghosts’ decisions instead of reducing the difference between the Pac-Man’s speed and the ghosts’ speed.

The decisions are developed by Machine Learning methodologies. In particular, we focus the development on Reinforcement Learning (RL) methods. The following document is a good reference on the different implementations of RL.

The name of this game is SMART PACMAN, I might have been a bit more original, I know. ^^’ The game models are 3D, because the application includes a simulation mode which allows, with a first person camera, to put yourself in Pac-Man or ghosts. We can see that SMART PACMAN seems visually quite similar to the original game.


SMART PACMAN on the left and original Pac-Man on the right

In a few weeks, once the lecture has been done, I will post the results obtained along with a playable released of SMART PACMAN.

My first Game Jam

On Monday February 23rd 2015 The House of the Devs organized a Game Jam’s competition. The main topic of that competition was “randomness”. This is the first Game Jam I’ve ever participated and the experience has been absolutely wonderful. In this competition I worked with Aitor CastellOriol Borrull and Albert Carrion. As a result of this competition Albuquerque 4000 was born.


Introduction of Albuquerque 4000

For checking further information regarding this game take a look at my portfolio.

I am currently working on another project as well, my Bachelor Thesis. It consists in developing a machine learning to video game Pac-Man. This machine learning will have the aim of learning to take decisions according to the user level. I will post more details about this project in a few months.


Mr Penguin | My first project with Unity


Christmas is here with a new game! MrPenguin is my first game developed with Unity. It has been also developed for my course of video games during a month, together with Albert. We did a presentation for the course:


MrPenguin is a running arcade game with a simple gameplay. If you’d like to take a look at some further details:

If you liked the video, please try the full game.

MrPenguin is already available on PC (Windows only):




Coming soon for Android!

Welcome | Super Butchers n’ Knives

Welcome to my blog of projects. I will be writing about my main projects. I will publish my references about them and my experiences while developing. I hope you  feel motivated to follow my progress.

Thanks to take some time to read it.

To begin with, I will publish my first video game project Super Butchers n’ Knives. It has been developed, together with Albert Carrión (you can visit his blog to follow his works), for a subject of my degree during 5 weeks. This game pays tribute to Super Ghouls n’ Ghosts for Game Boy Advance.

You can see a summary of the game with this presentation video:


If you are encourage, you can participate to try our game downloading it with the next links:

Mirror 1

Mirror 2

All content can be manipulated so you can replace by different audios and other sprites (which are the same size). I will really grateful if you comment your opinion about this game and what was your user experience.

Enjoy with it. 😉